We Are a Global Community of Spirulina Growers
We're Here to Make Food Greener

Spirulina.Network is a collaborative Israeli-Indian Project, born out of Grow Organic Spirulina, an online community where Spirulina growers can share and acquire knowledge and experience related to growing spirulina, founded by Ditsa Keren and Natan Gammer.

As strict believers in Fair Trade, we are committed to transparency towards our vendors and customers altogether. This is why we will always keep prices fair for the farmers as well as our customers.

Our periodic quality assurance tests are available online for each product we sell.  

By doing so, we aspire to assist small scale spirulina growers in getting the tools they need to become active players in the international Spirulina market, and reach global wholesale and retail buyers.  

As of 2016, we already have a monthly supply of nearly 20 tons of Quality Spirulina for human consumption.

At the same time, we are making efforts to raise awareness to spirulina among the livestock and agriculture industries to adopt spirulina as a feed supplement that will improve animal health as well as crop yields and feed conversion ration (FCR).  

All in the spirit of cooperation, environmental protection and innovation!

Management And Operations Board

Natan Gammer Spirulina network

Natan Gammer

Director CEO

Ditsa Keren Spirulina network

Ditsa Keren

Director CMO

Mr. K.E Harish Spirulina network

K.E Harish

Executive Director India

Seema Gopinath, Regional Sales Manager at Spirulina Network

Seema Gopinath

Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Jonathan Font

Jonathan Font

Nutrition Specialist

Mr. Robert Shibin

Avi Mairon

Quality Supervisor

Mr. Robert Shibin

R. Shibin

Production Manager

Scientific and Advisory Board

Dr. Siva Kumar Spirulina network

Dr. R. Sivakumar

Head of Quality Control

Dr-fehmida Spirulina network

Dr. V. Fehmida

Chief Scientific Editor

Our Partners

Scale-Up Technologies
Gangadhara nutraceuticals
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