Making Food Greener

Promoting the use of Spirulina in food and agriculture systems, we aspire to make spirulina a key component of modern-age nutrition!

Did You Know?

Spirulina supplies your body with its entire nutritional intake in just 6gr per day!

(consider that the next time you go on a diet :)

We Produce Quality Spirulina For Multiple Industry Sectors

Harness Spirulina's outrageous nutritional values to enrich your product according to consumer demands.


Fair Trade Spirulina directly from the farm

Our Spirulina production farms are setup in several global locations, where we cultivate, harvest, dry, pack and deliver the fresh produce directly to a port near you! Our quality control department uses advanced technologies to monitor the farms and ensures high production standards are met at all times, while constantly developing new techniques to improve & optimize the production process. As a result, you get better value for your money.

Giving back to the community

For each kg of Spirulina sold, we donate one Spirulina candy to the JSW foundation, who then distributes the sweets to malnourished children in India. By buying our products you are helping our cause, to eradicate malnutrition once and for all!



  • Join Our Cause
    Join Our Cause

    Make a donation to the JSW foundation so that more children get to live a decent, healthy life.

 Spirulina Animal Feeds For Healthier Farm Animals

Spirulina has a proven track record of improving animal health and well being, saving the need for excessive use of medication and antibiotics while enriching the end product with powerful nutrients. Livestock farmers seeking for a healthy alternative to animal feeds will find that in 2017, giving spirulina to farm animals is the way forward!

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