Strawberry Flavoured Spirulina Candies – 40 Pcs *Special Edition*


Get your kids to eat spirulina by putting it in what they love the most – candy!

Our flavoured spirulina candies contain natural sweeteners that disguise the seaweed-like aroma with a familiar taste that kids cannot resist!

Each candy contains 500mg of pure spirulina powder.

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Product Description

Are your children getting all of the nutrients their body requires for healthy development? Probably not!

We all want our kids to eat healthily, but so often we find ourselves giving in to their sugary cravings, simply because we’re too tired of preaching them about their eating habits.

These spirulina candies offer an elegant solution that will give your children not just what they want, but what their body actually needs, in just 1-4 small candies per day.

** Each candy contains 500mg of pure spirulina powder. **

Malnutrition in the Western World

Let’s face it: obesity is a form of malnutrition, whereby a micronutrient deficiency is causing an accumulation of fat, which often leads to diabetes.

The culture we live in encourages bad eating habits so much, that even those parents who want to make a positive change find themselves struggling to get their child to cooperate, and that is exactly why we created this product.

** Our Spirulina Candies are perfectly accustomed for a child’s taste-buds! **

What’s in our Spirulina Candies?

Spirulina powder (500mg per candy), glucose syrup, coconut oil, brown cane sugar, citric acid, flavoring agents.

Each Spirulina candy is wrapped individually in order to maintain freshness.

** FSSAI approved **

Scientifically Proven to Beat Malnutrition

These special edition spirulina candies have been used for humanitarian aid to rehabilitate malnourished children in Karnataka, India. Research findings have shown superb efficiency, with undernourished children gaining an average of 17gr per day!

Surprising as it may sound, research done on farm animals has shown that while taking smaller amounts of spirulina daily helps to gain weight, taking larger portions of spirulina will actually lead to weight loss.

** bulk offers are available for humanitarian aid institutions – please inquire **

Nutritional Facts Per 100 Grams
Energy 60 Calories
Carbohydrate 19gr
Protein 65gr
Iron 10mg
Calcium 70mg
Sodium 90mg
Phycocianin 1400mg
Beta Carotene 23000 IU
Vitamin B12 20mcg


Products Specs

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 4 × 19 cm

Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Tamarind


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