Spirulina Tablets Monthly Pack 400 Tablets (200g/7oz.)

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Our Premium Quality Spirulina Tablets are made of 100% pure spirulina, cultivated sustainably in open air fresh water ponds, and processed in a sterile environment with minimal human intervention.

Each tablet contains 500mg of 100% pure spirulina powder.

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Product Description

Our spirulina tablets contain all the essential nutrients needed for the healthy function of the human body, including high protein content (62%), a variety of amino acids including all essential amino acids, iron, beta-carotene, natural chlorophylls and a wide range of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, all contributing to the healthy functioning of the heart, the brain, the digestive system and most of all- the immune system.

A daily intake of Spirulina for an adult has proven effective in improving the well being of people with a variety of medical conditions, including Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, HIV, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and heart conditions, to name a few.

How to consume our spirulina tablets?

Using our Spirulina tablets is an easy way of measuring your da ily intake of spirulina when you’re dieting for results. The daily recommended amount is as follows:

  • Children: 1-3 gr daily
  • Adults: 4-8 gr daily
  • Athletes: In addition to the daily quote, add 1gr per each hour of physical effort
  • If you’re suffering a chronic illness, dose may be up to 20gr daily- please consult with your doctor for your daily recommended amount.
  • Spirulina detoxifies the body from chemical residue, which may stress the body if it’s not used to consuming spirulina regularly. Therefore it is advised to begin with 1gr per day, and gradually increase the amount until reaching your daily recommended dose.
  • To optimize iron absorption, consume with foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, mango, kiwi, parsley and guava.

Taken one hour before meals, Spirulina can naturally promote the feeling of fullness and prevent excess eating, thus assist in losing weight while maintaining a healthy body.

How our spirulina tablets are produced

We use tier-1 technology to produce durable tablets of 500mg each.

We use Magnesium as a binding material, in an amount of less than 1% of the total net weight. Magnesium is known for its own nutritional benefits, with no additional binding agents and without heating the raw spirulina in the process. All this is done in a controlled environment with minimal human intervention.

Our spirulina is cultivated in fresh water outdoor ponds, where the clear water is gently mixed under the warm sunlight, allowing the spirulina  to reproduce rapidly, creating a natural protein source that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Facts Per 100 Grams
Energy 60 Calories
Carbohydrate 19gr
Protein 65gr
Iron 10mg
Calcium 70mg
Sodium 90mg
Phycocianin 1400mg
Beta Carotene 23000 IU
Vitamin B12 20mcg


Products Specs

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 cm

Our Spirulina cultivation and manufacturing facility is registered and approved for Good Manufacturing Practices by the following certification bodies:

ISO22000, ISO9001, US-FDA, FSSAI, Star Kosher and the Israeli ministry of health.

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5 reviews for Spirulina Tablets Monthly Pack 400 Tablets (200g/7oz.)

  1. sundrop gal

    I bought these because of all of the positive effects of spirulina, but mostly because of the increased energy. These are a budget friendly option and they’re helping me through the winter blues! The packaging is nice and simple with no annoying fine print.

  2. Linds

    I have done so much research on spirulina and really wanted to try it. This is a great cost. I have noticed that I have more energy and just overall feel amazing. I am using them with the Keto diet and i feel like they fill a void. Will definitely be buying more!!

  3. Lalise

    As recommended, start taking this 2 at a time each day and then build up. After a week, I’m taking 6 tablets a day. I’d like to build up to taking 6 tablets twice a day (12 tablets total a day). A little gassy in the beginning, but then I noticed the gassiness and bloating feelings were disappearing. I’ve been experiencing regular, A+ bowel movements. Not sure if this product is responsible for my overall feelings of well being, but I have also noticed cravings for sweets and large amounts of carbs are decreasing. I’m hopeful that physical symptoms will continue to improve in 30-60 days.

  4. Aliyah pimento

    Started taking these about a week now and I’ve already started feeling more energetic I’ve also started exercising again and feel great throughout the day. Taking as recommended. The small pill makes it easy to swallow with no nasty aftertaste. This product is great for everyone

  5. Donna

    I will start by saying I will be taking these for life. I am sluggish and have ailments. I’ve started with the suggested amount of 2 tablets and omg they gave me energy to be able to accomplish more in my day. I also like the fact that these tablets are small; Makes them easy to swallow.

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